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Top Christmas books for all ages

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#1. Clive Staples Lewis

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

In the never-ending war between good and evil, The Chronicles of Narnia set the stage for battles of epic proportions. Some take place in vast fields, where the forces of light and darkness clash. But other battles occur within the small chambers of the heart and are equally decisive.

Review on Booklikes:

I cannot explain my reading preferences or my childhood as a whole without including this book. I can't tell you when my first reading of this book took place, as I cannot remember a time when I didn't know the four Pevensies, that 'once a king or queen in Narnia...always a king or queen of Narnia', and the 'not safe, but good' Aslan. I must have read this book at least three dozen times, listened to the radio drama multiple times, and watched BBC's mini-series of this so much I can hear the actors' voice and diction of nearly every line of the book. This book is woven intricately into my life.

#2. Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

It is the twenty-fourth of December. Mean old Ebenezer Scrooge sits in his freezing cold office shouting 'Bah! Humbug!' at anyone who dares wish him a Merry Christmas. But that night the miser has a terrifying visitor. Marley, his dead business partner who must wander the earth for ever to pay for his sins, comes with a warning. Scrooge will be haunted by three more spirits. The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future arrive to show Scrooge the hardship he has caused...

Review on Booklikes:

My first experience with Dickens and it was very pleasurable. A Christmas Carol is very short, but how much it packs in! I think this is a story that we all think we know, having seen TV versions, theatrical productions and even advertising based on it [very ironic, yes?]. Scrooge has become synonymous with grasping selfishness and we forget that he undergoes a significant transformation during the course of the story.

#3. O. Henry

The Gift of the Magi

In a shabby New York flat, Della sobs as she counts the few coins she has saved to buy a Christmas present for her husband, Jim. A gift worthy of her devotion will require a great sacrifice: selling her long, beautiful hair. Jim, meanwhile, has made a sacrifice for Della that is no less difficult. As they exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, the discovery of what each has done fills them with despair, until they realize that the true gifts of Christmas can be found more readily in their humble apartment than in any fine store. O. Henry paints a masterly portrait of unfaltering love, a haven from the harsh world outside. The poignancy of his story is captured in P.J. Lynch's eloquent art, wherein every glance, every gesture, tells a subtle truth.

Review on Booklikes:

A really inspirational Christmas story with a moral to keep in your heart all year through.

#4. Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

The Nutcracker is a Christmas story about a little girl named Maria and her wooden doll, the Nutcracker, who became alive to fight the evil seven-headed Mouse King. This edition includes 20 illustrations by Artus Scheiner and Ludwig Willem Reymert Wenckebach.

Review on Booklikes:

It's always fascinating to find the true story behind a tradition. I've always wondered where the nutcrackers story came from and why the ballet was always so popular. I never in my mind thought that it originated from a fairy tale, nor that one of my favorite authors, Dumas, had written his own take on it not too many years later after. E.T.A. Hoffman wrote the original and overall I thought it was not too hard to follow, but in the end I was happy to know the story but wasn't overly impressed to see how this had inspired a tradition.

#5 Hans Christian Andersen

The Snow Queen

Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, the classic tale of friendship, love, and bravery, is beautifully retold with lavish illustrations by master artist Bagram Ibatoulline.

Best friends Kai and Gerda would do anything for each other. When Kai starts to behave cruelly and disappears, Gerda sets out on an epic quest to save Kai from the evil Snow Queen. But can Gerda break the Snow Queen's enchantment and complete the final task?

Review on Booklikes:

Kay and Gerda's stories start quite similarly. Both are carried off, partly as a result of their own actions, though they are taken far further than they thought. Both are trapped by magical beings who cause them to lose their memory and give them impossible or meaningless occupations. The difference is, Gerda escapes...The story is really about her journey, as for what it all means, I'm still trying to figure that out.

#6 Tove Jansson

Moominland Midwinter

Everyone knows the Moomins sleep through the winter. But this year, Moomintroll has woken up early. So while the rest of the family slumber, he decides to visit his favorite summer haunts. But all he finds is this strange white stuff. Even the sun is gone! Moomintroll is angry: whoever Winter is, she has some nerve. Determined to discover the truth about this most mysterious of all seasons, Moomintroll goes where no Moomin has gone before.

Review on Booklikes:

I ran across this book and I supposed that the Gods were telling me to read it again.  It is generally considered one of the best Moomin books, although I would only rank it myself somewhere in the middle.  However, as I think Tove Jansson is a genius that means that the book is still an excellent book. This time around the beauty of the writing struck me in a way that it had not before.

#7 Nikolai Gogol

The Night Before Christmas

It is the night before Christmas and devilry is afoot. The devil steals the moon and hides it in his pocket. He is thus free to run amok and inflicts all sorts of wicked mischief upon the village of Dikanka by unleashing a snowstorm. But the one he’d really like to torment is the town blacksmith, Vakula, who creates paintings of the devil being vanquished. Vakula is in love with Oksana, but she will have nothing to do with him. Vakula, however, is determined to win her over, even if it means battling the devil.

Review on Booklikes:

This is a very early work by Gogol'.
He was just 22 and already very brilliant when wrote these two books of Ukrainian tales now recollected in a single edition. Apparently these "Village Evenings Near Dikanka and Mirgorod" don't have that much to share with most of the following production by this author, but still they show several characteristics of his talent and genius. Gogol' sense of humour here was more direct and popularesque, tied to the tradition of oral tales while later became bitter and melancholic with the combination of daily life and sophisticated influences. The sense of fantastic, supernatural, the counterposition (and the intersections) between evil and faith make these tales extremely enjoyable and worth of being re-read many times.





Fooling Around With Cinderella

Fooling Around With Cinderella - Stacy Juba Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This might not have been an exact retelling of the famous story of Cinderella, but that exactly was its beauty!

When Jaine sign ups for an interview in the amusement park of Storybook Valley for a marketing job position she never expects the events that will soon start unfolding.
Her extremely handsome new boss Dylan, offers her a temporary position as the central princess star of their park, Cinderella, until fall, when she can start fully working as the marketing coordinator. In need of a job, Jaine reluctantly accepts his offer.

From them on, things just kept getting more exciting by the minute!

There is a rather big amount of things I loved about this book. The main characters, the slow and gradual building of Jaine and Dylan's relationship, which seemed so real and natural, the similarities with the popular fairy tale. Everything was amazing!

Jaine is a young, independent woman, that has been looking for a job, ever since she was left unemployed. When she was at a young age she lost her mother, and now that her father remarried another woman and left to leave with her, Jaine is left with only her twin sisters and her young niece in her life! Her sisters might not be the evil twins of the original fairy tale, but they were a little selfish and self-centered, while also being closer with each other and not with Jaine.

Dylan wasn't the son his parents originally wanted to take over the management of the park. But, the course of events forced him to take over. Having previously been a "bad boy" he didn't wanted to prove himself worthy his parents' disappointment.

This is why the attraction between him and Jaine, that was imminent right from the beginning, complicated things...

This was an awesome and very authentic story, with a magical fairy tale twist, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

All in all, 5 stars for an original retelling of one of my favorite stories!

Hidden (Five Fates, #1)

Hidden (Five Fates, #1) - Amy McKinley Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions.

This book contained everything!
It had a strong and fierce heroine, a fearless hero, it had action, romance, passion, gods, demons, underworld creatures, and the list goes on and on...

Right from the very beginning I felt the excitement build up!
Jade is overwhelmed by the power that starts coursing through her while painting! This has happened before, and it didn't turn out in a nice way! But, her powers don't stop there. She senses the ill intentions of a demon that has approached the King, her step-father demon, and attacks him, even if he is of her own species.

But, what species is that?
Jade is half demon and half goddess, and part of a set of quintuplets that were cursed by the Fates. A prophecy was cast upon them, that they are destined to kill the Gods. This curse set Zeus off into hunting them, through Oneiroi, who can track people through their dreams, and step into different realms.

At the same time, Jade, after hundreds of years of being hunted, forced to loneliness and futile search of her mate, or any kind of romantic relationship for that matter, has started giving up her hopes! Until she stumbles upon a group of five Worr demons, who are fierce enough to be the only ones able to defeat Oneiroi! One of them is also destined to be her mate!

But, nothing proves to be easy for them. One mistake brings her closer to Nightmare, the worst of the Oneiroi.

Will Roen, her Worr mate, be able to save her now that he knows who she is, or is Jade's fate already sealed?

This book contained so much action and so many events took place, that I couldn't manage to get my attention off of the story! The pages flew by so easily!

I loved the majority of the characters, even the bad ones, with all their personalities' elements! Jade was a fierce heroine I gladly identified with, and Roen was oh-so-strong-and-handsome and focused on his quest to release Jade!

Another aspect of this story I loved, was the fact that it referred to the Greek mythology, and very accurately, I might also add! Being Greek myself, I grew up with stories of the Olympian Gods and their adventures, so I found myself instantly drawn to both the plot and the characters! And, I loved every minute of it!

All in all, 5 stars to an awesome story that had everything, from Olympian Gods, semi-gods and demons, to intensity, passion and so much action!

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking - Michelle Escamilla Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by HEA Book Tours PR & More.

This book was the second installment of the Careful What You wish For series.
While it was the continuation of the previous book and the story involved the same grant-wishing Fairy Godmother, the main heroes and the whole plot were quite different. Actually, at some points they were even opposite!

This story was about Leila, the daughter of Harley, who was featured in the previous book!
But, it unfolded in a much different way!

In the previous installment Harley seemed to be in the peak of her career when she got her wish granted, and then woke up having seemingly lost everything she had fought for.
On the contrary, Leila was working in a coffee shop, dreaming about a job in the fashion industry, which, after wishing for it, she woke up having.

Of course, that was mostly due to her making a conscious wish to her mother's Godmother, Donna, after finding out about her! She rushed into this decision without think of the consequences.

While at first everything seemed to have worked out just fine for her, she soon discovered that things were a little more complicated than how they seemed. Especially regarding Jackson King, the man she had also wished for!

Waking up to find out she had estranged herself from her parents and her best friend Reggie, she soon started regretting her choice to make that wish!

Will her reuniting with Reggie be enough to help her fix things and realise just how differently her life should have worked out?

Once again, we are reminded that we should be careful what we for, and also, that even if we think we have been granted our wish, we should still look into things and ensure that this is what we really want!

All in all, 4,5 stars to an awesome sequel, involving the daughter of our previous heroine and her life choices!

Compromising Her Position

Compromising Her Position - Samanthe Beck Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This novel seemed to me like an amazing, hot and steamy read, right from the very first pages!!

Chelsea had asked from her boyfriend and coworker, Paul, to dress up as Santa for this year's Christmas work party! So when she spots the red suit she doesn't waste a minute to show her appreciation of him! In a small closet!

This was something completely unlike her, but it proved to be the best experience she had ever had so far! The complications start when she soon discovers that the Santa was not her boyfriend, but the new owner of their hotel, Rafe St. Sebastian! When Paul lets her know that he has gotten pregnant another of their coworkers and intends on marrying her, it is the final blow for Chelsea. She resigns her job and lands a new one, in another hotel, a few thousand miles away.

Rafe is a wealthy young man, willing to prove to his father that he is capable of making three deals with different hotels, all on his own! Chelsea's resignation has been a complication for him, too, seeing as she is one of the best at her work! Not to mention that after their passionate moments in that closet, he hasn't really been able to keep her out of his mind, something completely unusual for him!

While Chelsea has decided that she is not going to let herself love again after what Paul did to her, Rafe tracks her down, in order to show her that he is not done with her just yet. Both professionally and personally! She tries hard to avoid him, until he makes another deal, this time with the hotel Chelsea currently works for. In addition, he asked for her to be his personal tour guide for the whole week he is going to stay there, before the deal is sealed.

How is Chelsea going to avoid him for a whole week, when all she really wants is just the opposite?

An amazing story that got my complete attention right from the beginning! The author's writing style also helped with that! The pages flew by effortlessly, with both humorous and tense situations taing place between the two main characters.

I also loved this couple!

Chelsea was a young woman dedicated to everything she did, from her work to her relationships with other people. When she got her heart broken for yet another time, she decided to stop giving her all to the men she formed romantic relationships with. Nevertheless, she was a young, strong, independent woman I completely enjoyed reading about.

Rafe was a wealthy, young man, used to always getting what he wants, but also willing to work for it, and not just wait until it comes to him on its own! I just loved the way he tried to win over Chelsea!

I also enjoyed reading about some side characters, like Chelsea's realistic best friend and coworker, or even her mother, too!

All in all, 5 stars for an awesome, hot and steamy read, I thoroughly enjoyed!

Careful What You Wish For: Not Your Average Fairytale

Careful What You Wish For: Not Your Average Fairytale - Michelle Escamilla Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by HEA Book Tours PR & More.

This book contained a quite unusual and original story I enjoyed immensely reading about!!

Harley has just landed some new clients for the firm she works for, being now one step closer to a promotion! On the way to the bar where they will enjoy their celebratory drinks, she and her best friend Olivia, she hops on a cab, where she confides to the female driver, who proved to be her Fairy Godmother, that she would very much want to get married and have kids with her boss Ethan Prince!

When she arrives at the bar, while having promised to herself that she will not have more than one drink, she eventually gets drunk and a little flirty with Matt, the bartender. On her way home, she falls asleep while still on the cab... and wakes up somewhere else entirely!!

How is Harley going to handle the sudden realization that her wish has been fulfilled and she is now Mrs. Prince and has two beautiful daughters Cassie and Leila?

While at first shocked and terribly confused by everything happening, she soon starts to enjoy her new life!
Until the moment Donna, her Godmother reveals that this is not the life she was supposed to lead and it was all a mistake! The only way for her to make things the way they are supposed to be is to realize what was meant to happen differently, and with those realizations the correct changes will be made!

A very sweet read that also passed a beautiful message, emphasizing the fact that wishes cannot be granted exactly the way we make them, because that way they might turn out badly. Instead, even if we think all of our wishes have been granted, we still need to check if some things could get better, and mostly in relation to the person one has married and the life they lead together! Especially, if only one person has changed their life around and adjusted to the marriage, contradicting their own personality.

This is exactly what happened to our heroine! Harley was an independent woman focused on her job and being perfectly happy about it! Waking up a few years later, she realizes that she has become a stay-at-home mom, who has completely changed her habits, her clothing style and generally her life, in order to make her husband happy!

But, is she happy?

All in all, 4,5 stars for a read that passed a beautiful and powerful message!

A Very Werey Christmas

A Very Werey Christmas - R.M. Gilmore, Becca Lee, Dahlia Donovan, Ashlea Rhodes, C.C. Wood, Aimie Jennison Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Hot Tree Promotions.

Christmas is my favorite time of year! And, when it is combined with some paranormal romance, especially one that includes shifters, well, let's just say it can't get much better!

A Very Werey Christmas is an anthology of short stories, written by six different authors, that combined exactly these two themes!

On Winter's Moon by R.M. Gilmore, Randy Stryker has been the Alpha of her clan for exactly one year, after she killed her cruel, to her and her people, husband, on the night of Winter's Moon. This is the reason she became the Alpha, instead of the Beta, Duke. Now, a year later, Randy starts suspecting that Duke is planning to get her out of the way, in order to claim the position of the Alpha. Meanwhile, Gage Riversong along with his brothers, visit the festivities of the packs, requesting a treaty. Aside from the mutual attraction they share, will he also help her uncover Duke's plans and stop him before it's too late?

On Pull of The Moon by Becca Lee, Cadence has been the Alpha of her pack for the past eighteen months, right after her father's sudden death. Now, all this time later, a Supernatural Agency Against Crime (SAAC) agent will be visiting the pack, in order to investigate the case of illegal fights organized by humans and shifters taking place! But, when Dane arrives, things soon get out of control for Cadence, seeing as they are mates.

On Not Even a Mouse by Dahlia Donovan, Kat is a tiny shifter, a trait passed down to her from her mother. She shifts into a mouse. Every Christmas she sneaks into her brother's best friend's apartment, in order to decorate it! But Declan soon reveals that he believes they are mates, a fact that makes KAt unsettled and a little angry with him for keeping it to himself that long!

On Snow's Christmas Wish by Ashlea Rhodes, after two months of being on the run, regretting the fact she said no to a potential mate who killed her family in order to take revenge, Snow meets Ink. But, what is going to happen when a wolf stumbles upon a vampire? A quite different story, featuring two different species.

On The Witch and The Wolf by C.C. Wood, Candela, a young witch from a good family and coven, has started getting a bit tired by her family's attempts to match her with a good-looking and well-mannered warlock. But will one night of passion between her and Blake, a young wolf, change everything?

On Cure For Christmas by Aimie Jennison, while out on Christmas shopping, Blake spots the scent of her mate. But beneath her lavender aroma, Blake is able to scent something else, too. A form of sickness. Caitlyn suffers from breast cancer. Blake is determined to bring her to Falls Creek, certain that it's the only way to ensure her survival! Will he be able to convince her to follow him, considering she also has a young son she need to provide for?

All in all, 4 stars for a wonderful anthology that combined the supernatural with Christmas!

The Last Chance Christmas Ball

The Last Chance Christmas Ball - Nicola Cornick, Joanna Bourne, Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Patricia Rice Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a book tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This was a very interesting and quite festive collection of Christmas novellas!

What I deeply enjoyed about it, was the fact that all stories took place in the same period of time, specifically on Christmas of 1815! This is one of my favorite time periods and its feel was given in a very nice way while reading this anthology! An added bonus was the fact that it referred to Christmas stories, on snowy days!

As for each individual story, they all had very unique elements, but at the same time circled around the fact that miracles can take place on Christmas time, with second chances being given to very different people, in order to find their one true love, or even be reunited with them!

On My True Love Hath My Heart by Joanna Bourne, Nick has loved Claire for quite some time, even if she decided to put an end to their relationship, thinking they could never be together, with her being a merchant and him an aristocrat. But with her plans of vengeance on someone who has wronged her being scheduled, will Nick's assistance be enough for her to change her mind?

On A Scottish Carol by Susan King, Henry and Clarinda had been in love when they were younger, but seeing as her father didn't approve of her marrying his protege, he married her of to her cousin, to whom she was promised when they were both kids. Several years later, with her husband having long died on a horse accident and her dad having also passed away, Clarinda wants to enroll on the University where Henry works as a professor. Even if it was very rare for a woman to study at that time period, Henry agrees to help her. Will that help bring them closer to each other, considering his desensitization over the years that have passed!

On Christmas Larks by Patricia Rice, an injured man returns back to his home, discovering that it has been sold to an old childhood friend of his. The fact I greatly loved about this short was the talking mice and the hero's reaction to them!

On In The Bleak Midwinter by Mary Jo Putney, also featured a young man that returns home injured. Kim refuses to see his childhood love after his return from the war, but will Roxie's insistence to see him and show him how deeply she loves him, will be enough for him to get past his feelings for his injuries and let himself love again?

On Old Flames Dance by Cara Elliott, I deeply loved the fact that the previous story's hero Kim's brother Edward is featured. When his childhood love Lily returns from India, their reuniting is going to be in flames, just like the title suggests!

On A Season For Marriage by Nicola Cornick, another sibling of Kim and Edward's is featured. Caroline had forced Piers into marrying her, a fact that estranged the couple. Will she be able to win her husband back before Christmas?

On Miss Finch and The Angel by Jo Beverley, Clio, Lady Holly's companion that was featured on the Prologue, is the protagonist. Lord Gabriel, a wealthy and handsome nobleman, becomes interested in her but will he be able to win her heart!

On Mistletoe Kisses by Anne Gracie, after Alice's father's cousin inherits her home, she is forced to either become a servant for the new inhabitants or find a job outside the house. She chooses to become a teacher. But, will happiness finally find her while travelling on a carriage with a lord and his sister!

All in all, 4 stars for a cozy 18th century anthology, that gloriously proves Christmas can be a time for happiness and joy, even after hardships.


Heath - Melissa Foster Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

I had previously read the first book in the Wild Boys After Dark series, that featured Logan and Stormy! This is the second novel on the series, which features Logan's brother, Heath Wild.

Heath is a doctor who has completely focused all of his attention to his job and family. A few years back, when he was still in college, he had dated a girl he loved, but she cheated on him, making him skeptical about women and relationships in general! He preferred to only satisfy his physical needs when the opportunity rose, without getting attached to any of the women involved.

All this changed when he met Ally Jenner. What started as a night of raw passion after a medical conference, having settled that there will be no strings attached, soon became something more. Heath broke his utmost law and asked for her number, refusing to walk through her door with the knowledge that he might never see her again! After finding out that they work in the same hospital, their closer contacts couldn't be avoided anymore, as with their mutual attraction!

But, Ally had been hurt, too, in the past! Will they be able to get past their hurt feelings and establish a loving and trustful relationship? Will they get through the hardships of a relationship, after so many years of having never been closely involved with anyone else?

This novel started in a very hot way, and continued in the same way, with the chemistry of the two heroes being so clear I thought I could completely understand it!
The protagonists themselves were so delicate, but so strong at the same time, I just loved them! And, I deeply adored them for being willing to get past all the hurt they have endured, in order to give a shot to a person they liked so much!

As for the author's writing style? I already knew I would enjoy it, but I hadn't really expected it the pages of this novel to flow by so easily and fast! It was an amazing experience!

All in all, 5 stars for a fantastic read, which perfectly depicted the hurt a bad relationship can cause, and also the effort that two people sometimes have to put into trying to build a loving one!

The Blood Scion

The Blood Scion - Nazarea Andrews Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by InkSlinger.

I had previously read the series' prequel novella "The Scionless House" and I extremely enjoyed it! But, I hadn't expected just how much I would love reading the first book in The Scion Legacy series!!!

I actually liked everything on this book! The author's writing style, many of the characters and their personalities, the plot, the switch of the point of view between the protagonists in different parts of the book, which helped me get even more into the story and understand why everyone behaved the way they did!

As for the plot, in "The Scionless House" Octavius get orders from the Head of his House and his maker, Patroclus, to set off and find a young woman. But not just any young woman! Not much is being revealed right from the start, but from the hints that are cleverly placed by the author, we realize that this woman is going to be very important, to both the story and the main hero.

In "The Blood Scion", the protagonists are both Farley and Octavius! Their points of view are both presented, and I have to admit I love them both!

Farley is not your typical damsel in distress, waiting for her guardian to come to her rescue. No, quite on the contrary! She is a strong, brave, young woman, willing to give her own fights and rebel against everything and everyone that goes against her opinion.

Octavius, a hero I had adored while reading the novella, is the strongest assassin among the vampiric population! He is determined to serve his House and his maker, but to the extent where he agrees with the decisions that are made!

Those two characters are not pawns that anyone can use as they will, a fact that I deeply loved about the book!

And don't even get me started about the chemistry between the Raven and the new Scion of the House! Purely amazing!

All in all, 5 stars for a great experience that only leaves me wanting for more of the story and characters!


Logan - Melissa Foster Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

I loved that book right from the beginning!

But first things first...

Stella is a brave, strong young woman who has suffered a tortured past! Her ex-boyfriend, except for beating her and eventually making her afraid of the male species in general, is also stalking her. She is unable to use her credit cards, or even go to the hospital if the need arises, in fear of him tracking her down and forcing her into things she is not willing to endure anymore!

Logan Wild is an elusive private detective that has also been through his own hardships! When he sets his eyes on Stella, something attracts him in a very deep and primal level. While, she feels an attraction for him, too, Stella is also intimidated by the way he looks at her. When a customer attacks her, though, Logan is the one to save her.

From then on, the story takes another turn as they instinctively deepen their relationship slowly and gradually. Even if at first Stella introduces herself to Logan as Stormy Knight, the secrets she has hidden for quite some time, and the threat her ex-boyfriend poses, will soon start being revealed.

While reading this book, I loved the fact that the author chose to write about such a sensitive subject of domestic, psychological and physical violence and the way it might affect the people involved.

Stella was a very well-built character with a personality that had been evolved through the hardships she had endured. She often found herself torn between the person she became after the abuse she received from her ex-boyfriend and the one she was before that. She is also a deeply traumatized, young woman, afraid to get too close to a man, in fear of him starting to show similar behavior of extreme possessiveness and violence.

I also loved Logan and the way he thought both generally, and about Stella, too. He was willing to be gentle with her and became really protective of her, acting on instinct, a fact I deeply adored about him. He insisted in making her relax and trust him first, willing to help her subside her fears.

Finally, another thing I loved about this book, aside from the wonderful characters and the very natural writing style of the author, was the way Stella and Logan's relationship grew and evolved, with them getting to know each other gradually, carefully and delicately, and in turns confiding to each other.

All in all, 5 stars for an amazing, deep read, with complex characters and tough subjects being brought up!

The Girl with Hearts

The Girl with Hearts - Savannah Blevins Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by HEA Book Tours.

The pages of this books flew by so easily and effortlessly! It was actually among the most enjoyable reads I have had! I loved this book right from the very start, I loved the heroes, the way the events unfolded and the way they were narrated and explained. Everything was so smoothly described that I found myself unable to put the book down!

It all starts when Leila, a young girl, who is quite more innocent than what she might originally seem to be, approaches Henrik, her four-year crush, hoping for an one night of no strings attached, right after her painful break up with her boyfriend. The womanizer Henrik cannot decline this offer, being aware of the deep attraction he feels for his best friend's little sister! But, what starts at this night as a harmless one night stand, will soon evolve to be something more for both parts!

Henrik soon starts to realize that he wants to spend more time with Leila, even if that means no sex for them, and a strictly friendly relationship. I just loved the way he tried to prove to her how honest he is and how he feels about their arrangement. Both characters reacted very realistically, with Leila at first being doubtful a relationship like that could work between them, considering his previous womanizing habits. After a while, she becomes thoughtful, but more open to the concept of spending more time with him. The whole process of the evolving of their relationship was so realistic and truthful, it made me connect with both characters and realize the way they felt in more depth!

I loved Leila's strong personality and the way she endured her condition, considering the fact she knew all along that she suffered from it and needed to take medication, but at the same time, she didn't want anyone to know about it and quite possibly pity her!

Henrik was a very nice character, and all this effort to convince both Leila, and her brother and his best-friend, Austin, that he is not willing to hurt her feelings, just made him all the more adorable in my eyes! And, I also loved the way he accepted his brother and didn't mind his keeping his sexual orientation a secret from him for so long!

All in all, 5 stars for one of the most enjoyable and adorable stories!

Tamed: A Huntress Spin-off Novel

Tamed: A Huntress Spin-off Novel - Adria Wade Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by HEA Book Tours and Book Junky Tours.

After the divorce of her parents, and the downhill turn her life took, Paige survives a tragic accident, which, also, she was the cause of, at the tender age of fifteen years old. After that, her life changed even more drastically. She was forced to endure a home confinement for one year, and then three years in a boarding school, sent away by her father who has unable to control her.

At the age of 19, she comes back home to find her brother greatly changed, in a way she can't quite put her finger on. Soon, she meets his friend Eli, and the attraction between them is quite apparent! He asks her on a date, and constantly shows her how interested he is in her. She starts to have some feelings toward him, too, but then Silas, and the strange dreams that revolve around him and Paige, come into the picture!

After yet another incident, in which her friend Andie gets turned into a dangerous and inhuman vampire, Paige finds out that Eli is a hybrid, part vampire, part werewolf, Silas is an incubus, and her own brother is a vampire hunter, human, but with supernatural powers!

Her whole life has turned upside down once again, but now, in a supernatural way!
And, if that wasn't enough, she has to decide if she likes Eli or Silas best. And, then of course decide what to do about it!

I liked Paige. She was independent, revolutionary and strong, even if at times she was consumed by her guilt, something that was completely natural, considering the tragedies she had survived! I enjoyed very much the way she narrated her story. The author also made us realize her psycho-synthesis, the way she thinks and the reasons she acts the way she does, very well!

As for her romantic interests? Well, I was a bit torn!
I liked Eli, he seemed serious both generally and towards Paige. He was noble and kind, but also didn't hesitate to claim Paige as his.
Silas lacked in seriousness most of the time, but he was a character I greatly enjoyed as to the danger and excitement he was giving off. He also saved the heroine's life more than once!

All those elements, plus the amazing and bad-ass team of vampire hunters, among whom my favorites were Athena, Lucas and Kyle, made the book all that more enjoyable to me! The fact they were all different kinds of supernatural beings, made it all, all that much more awesome!

All in all, 4,5 stars to a very enjoyable read, that included vampires, werewolves, incubi, witches and many many interesting supernatural powers!

Chance of a Lifetime

Chance of a Lifetime - Marissa Clarke Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

When one of Gen's colleagues, only one year older than her, dies by choking on a mint, the 25-year-old woman decides to step up the game and actually start living her life, instead of keeping on leading a peaceful life guarded closely by her older brother. As a blind girl, and later woman, her family has always been a little overprotective of her, and just a bit on the disappointed side.

While on an outing with her friend, Gen decides to take out of her wallet her bucket list of things to do, which she created 10 years earlier. The first thing on the list? Kiss a total stranger! But, what happens if the total stranger she kissed proves to be far from stranger?

Ten years ago, when Gen and her brother were still friends with Chance Anderson, a terrible accident happened, leading to the disappointment of Gen's brother towards his former best friend, and the one Gen started to feel herself about Chance, after his disappearance. Now, all those years later, they reunite through the strangest of ways! Chance has sworn to Gen's brother he won't touch his sister again! But, what happens when they discover their mutual attraction for each other?

I just loved this story! And, I loved even more the way the author narrated it!

Readers do not realize at first that Gen is blind. Actually this happens almost at the end of the second chapter, in a completely natural way, emphasizing what the heroine has also said multiple times through the course of the story: Just because she is blind, it doesn't mean she is handicapped, disabled, or helpless. She can live her life just like everyone else, especially since the technology has advanced so much, that she can navigate herself through the city quite easily. She is also no helpless damsel in distress that needs someone to protect and guard her at all times! I loved this fact about the heroine! Gen is a strong, brave, independent young woman who decides to live her life to the fullest. I adored her for that!

I also loved Chance, and the way he viewed and behaved towards Gen! He was protective with her, sure, but not because he considered her weak or helpless. On the contrary, he felt a deep affection towards Gen, and wanted her to do everything that non-blind people do! He is a great and quite realistic character, perfectly described by the author as a tortured individual everybody thought as damaged, so he damaged himself just to prove them right!

I won't say much about the attraction between the heroes, as this is fairly obvious right from the start! And, the way the author described everything? Just marvelous!

All in all, 5 stars for a deep and beautiful read with realistically strong characters!

Mutually Exclusive

Mutually Exclusive - Charlotte Winston Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a book tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This book revolved around the story of Alexandra and Roman, and the way their meeting occurred through a club who is meant strictly and exclusively for wealthy and willing adults, but then developed in a more personal way, with secrets that had been buried for a long time, being revealed along the way!

Alexandra is a lawyer that admittedly sacrificed her life for her job! When her friend Blair recommends an adult club where she could enjoy the company of other adults without strings attached, she reluctantly grabs the chance. But she won't settle for spending time with a number of random partners. No, what she wants is exclusivity with the best of the club.

Roman, the owner of the club, is the perfect candidate to fill that role. Taking up on the offer Alexandra made in exchange for his services, the two begin a professional relationship for meetings with pleasure as the ultimate purpose.

But, what happens when professionalism starts to fade and their meetings start getting a little more personal? Will the workaholic Alexandra accept what Roman has to give?

And, what is going to happen when things get even more complicated?

While reading this story, I loved the fact that it was not just about the sex between the heroes. There was, of course, a deep attraction between them, and I really loved the way the communicated, and especially the text messages they exchanged. But in the end it proved to be a little more than that, a fact I deeply enjoyed!

All in all, 4,5 stars for an intriguing read with secrets and complications I hadn't seen coming!


Inconceivable! - Tegan Wren Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a book tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

What a deeply emotional ride this book was!!! And, what strong messages it helps pass to the readers about true love and kindness!

This story follows the footsteps of Hatty, an American Journalist intern who studies abroad, and her life-changing meeting with Prince John.

I've always loved anything that has to do with royal families and such, and so, it wasn't very difficult for me to get really into the story!

This book is divided to three separate parts, following the different life-stages Hatty, John and their relationship go through.

In Part I, Hatty meets Prince John in a Karaoke bar where the attraction between them is fairly apparent! Soon, they start seeing each other and eventually dating, after the signing of official documentation by Hatty, of course! I loved the way their attraction increased gradually, with every passing moment it getting stronger and stronger! The decision of Prince John to not consummate his love with none other than his wife, also added to the sexual intensity between them! There were also some misunderstandings, like it happens in real life couples, something I greatly enjoyed!

The Second Part revolved around their married life, and Hatty's anxiousness to get pregnant! They were loving with each other, trying every night for their heir to be conceived! The intense emotions felt by the heroine were pretty clear and described in a way that makes the readers empathize with her! Some tension started building between the Duchess and the Prince, especially after his younger brother's wife got pregnant and then gave birth herself.

Part III, finally, was the epitome of love of all kinds! With threats and accusations flying towards Hatty and the couple's inability to conceive, Prince John is called to make up his mind. The Queen and her son have presented him with a dilemma, he will either divorce his wife, or he will have the marriage annulled. What will Prince John final choice be? And, how will that choice effect the couple's lives? The answers to these questions are the strongest messages passed by the author!

All in all, 5 stars for all the deep emotions and powerful messages sent through this story!

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