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A Cajun Werewolf Christmas

A Cajun Werewolf Christmas - Selena Blake Except for the fact that I accidentally started this series right from the ending, I enjoyed it very much! It was well-written and with a very nice plot. The only problem was that at some points it was a little hard to determine through whose point of view we were seeing things. I had to reread the last sentences in these cases. But, generally it was quite a nice read, a Christmas one, and I definitely want to read the first books, too. I have some gaps on the story. Too few, but I want to know more about the characters!

Developmental Psychology Today

Developmental Psychology Today - Robert E. Schell, Elizabeth Hall I actually liked that book a lot!

Child and Adolescent Development: An Advanced Course

Child and Adolescent Development: An Advanced Course - William Damon, Richard M. Lerner Didn't really have much information about what I was looking for: Physical Growth in Adolescence...

Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide

Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide - 'Michelle Rowen',  'Richelle Mead' Well, I didn't really read through the whole book. I just couldn't read a summary of my favorite books. So, I just skipped these parts and read the Q&A of Richelle Mead.

But, I liked many features of this guide, and it was a good reminder of the people I so loved while reading VA. And, some hints about Bloodlines, Sydney and Adrian were offered, too.

What made me laugh, though? The first possible answer on the first question of the final Quiz. What is a Moroi? a) A type of fish found in the Atlantic Ocean... Hahaha, seriously?
By the way, on that quiz I got 22/30... Not good enough, I know, I know...

The Dark-Hunters, Vol. 1

The Dark-Hunters, Vol. 1 - Sherrilyn Kenyon That was actually a very good start to a brand new series, for me. There were many explanations at some point. So many that I'm sure I will skip some parts when I start reading the books. But, I enjoyed it and it left quite a good impression on me. It also was in manga style, something I loved. I can't wait to start the books! I had something more I wanted to say, but I seemed to forget it, so I'll probably come back to this quick-review and add it!

Frostbite: The Graphic Novel

Frostbite: The Graphic Novel - Richelle Mead, Leigh Dragoon, Emma Vieceli Well, well, well. How gorgeous Adrian is, indeed. And, how weird of me to start my review of Frostbite that way! Bloodlines has really gotten to me. Anyway, there was a reminder of past events in the beginning, or rather a summary of getting-to-know-the-characters. Hmm, I liked it. It was good, but it didn't give me all this excitement I felt over the books. Mason's death wasn't as tragic and shocking to me now that I knew what to expect. It still was quick and painless, though, for the boy...
I can't see the third installment anywhere near to being published, though. Why is that?

Open Door Invitation

Open Door Invitation - Dee Carney Um, quite an interesting story, although it was too short. Surely it could be larger with more details, in-between and at the end, too.

Vampire Assassin

Vampire Assassin - Samantha Warren Quite sort, but an okay story. It didn't spike my interest that much as to read the next installments, though... But, we'll see...

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James Originally posted on Book-O-Craze

Finally finishing this book was a joy I was hoping for, quite soon in the book...
But, let me start from the beginning.

Reading the first few chapters I honestly thought Christian Grey was a vampire. The similarities with Twilight were so profound and the way the heroine described the hero was almost the same with how Bella saw Edward (and I realized that without even knowing that the plot was originally written as a fanfiction to this specific novel). I admit I was prepared to be disappointed if he proved to be a vampire. Not very original, considering the things I mentioned earler.

But, I also have to admit that, for me, all the similarities with Twilight ended when the big revelation came. Furthermore, I was even more disappointed with the way things turned out to be, even if they were more truthful.

So, about my review? Here it is.
I honestly can't stand Ana. Her self-esteem is so low, and everyone around her doesn't help her with that matter, too. The boys that like her don't really consider her beautiful. She borrows her roommate's dresses all the time, too, like she doesn't have her own, and only when her mother goes with her she can buy her own.
Meanwhile, at the beginning it was cute of her talking about her inner goddess, but soon it got old. Too old. She mentioned her all the time, especially at intense moments where the reader couldn't care less about something like this.
She keeps talking about Christian's issues, not considering the ones she has.

And now, about Christian's issues...
The psychologist in me was furious with the hero. I even made a case study about him. It was unbielevable. Making someone having so many psychological issues. Gah, and to think of the way he treated the heroine. And she stayed.

Ana was utterly stupid for trying to force him into a relationship right from the beginning. I don't know how the rest of the series will go (because honestly I'm not considering reading the next installments) but she should have gone away from him right from the beginning. It was her first relationship, she wanted something romantic, and still she wanted him to be something he was not. Mutual, intense attraction or not, her behavior proved her to be simply dilusional and unfair to him. All along I hated her attitude. She knew exactly what to expect from Christian, what he was capable of, what his limits were, and she still tried to push more and more. And, what's even more infuriating is that he still wanted her.

For me, the end of the first book is the appropriate end of this love story, and I'm not even going to try and finish the rest of the series. I don't care if she hurts, but if she can't handle the situation it's purely unfair for the other end of this relationship to make it so hard.

As of the way this book was written? Before I found out that the story was originally posted on Wattpad, I had some suspicions. The way the plot was unfolding was rather amateur-like. At least at the beginning. I felt like reading the story in the website mentioned above.

Frankly, I've noticed that the ratings of this book were either about loving it or about hating it. I'm on the second category. And it's no wonder. I was waiting for the book to end with such an anxiety I rarely feel.


Re:union - Eric Liu Science fiction, happenning to the (maybe not so far) future...


DEAD[ish] - Naomi Kramer Um, okay, I just didn't like it...

Blood Bound

Blood Bound  - Patricia Briggs Review to come!

Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark  - Karen Chance Originally posted on Book-O-Craze.

So, the after-effects of this book are still too intense. I'm not even sure I can place it on my favorites' list. I loved it, but I don't know if it was enough... We'll see, though.

The fact is, I had started this book some days ago, but so many things happened between then, and I got so diastracted, that I didn't give it the chance it deserved. But, when I finally decided to read furhter than the 40% I had reached, well, I just couldn't stop. I read the rest of the book in just two days, if I remember correctly. (Tee heh, my memory isn't as good, as I'd liked it to be!)

Anyway, I liked that book very very much.
The world Karen Chance created was very believing and I enjoyed reading about the different levels of vampires, the mages, the ghosts... Everything was wrapped very truthfully and it was an amazing combination.

The heroine, admittedly, was very much of approval by me.
She was tough, when she needed to be, and knew how and why to do the right thing, even if it was difficult for her. I really liked her, and her name, which fit to her perfectly.

As about the romantic interests? Hmm... I can't say I got extremely attracted, personally, to anyone in particular. Many could serve their own purposes, and some even wanted just to use Cassie, so I hated them for that. As for whom the heroine is going to choose? That is a very intriguing question, the answer of which I'm planning on finding out through the next books of these series.

The only disadvantage in this book, in my opinion, was that there were far too many explanations and little action at some points. This was mainly the reason why I paused reading for a brief period of time. But, I have high hopes that through time and books, these explanations will become less, or at least, more brief. I understand that we needed and explanation about the world and the main characters. I just hope there will be less in the adventures to come.

All in all, I can say that this book really charmed me and made me look forwart to how things will proceed for Cassie and all the world her choises influence.

11:15 The Making of a Halfling

11:15 The Making of a Halfling - Heather Burch Actually it was quite good, and motivated me into reading more books (mostly about) Mace, who I guessed early in the short story, that he would be the main interest on these series!

One Last Bite

One Last Bite - Heidi Betts Ow, I started right from the end, didn't I now?

At least, I'm more excited to read Must Love Vampires.

In the Garden of Temptation (Garden, #1)

In the Garden of Temptation (Garden, #1) - Cynthia Wicklund Originally posted on Book-o-Craze

Well, I haven't read many books taht take place in the 17th century, and therefore using that language, but that was a good beginning.
This book didn't provide an extraordinary read, but I liked it.
The story was well-thought and very well planned from a psychological perspective, what with all the traumas suffered by some characters.
And, very importantly, there was a happy ending. Yay!
Oh, and it was also written in a nice way.
I'm not sure, though, whether I'm going to actually read the rest of the series, although they don't have mmuch in common with this first book. But, we'll see...

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