Mutually Exclusive

Mutually Exclusive - Charlotte Winston Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a book tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This book revolved around the story of Alexandra and Roman, and the way their meeting occurred through a club who is meant strictly and exclusively for wealthy and willing adults, but then developed in a more personal way, with secrets that had been buried for a long time, being revealed along the way!

Alexandra is a lawyer that admittedly sacrificed her life for her job! When her friend Blair recommends an adult club where she could enjoy the company of other adults without strings attached, she reluctantly grabs the chance. But she won't settle for spending time with a number of random partners. No, what she wants is exclusivity with the best of the club.

Roman, the owner of the club, is the perfect candidate to fill that role. Taking up on the offer Alexandra made in exchange for his services, the two begin a professional relationship for meetings with pleasure as the ultimate purpose.

But, what happens when professionalism starts to fade and their meetings start getting a little more personal? Will the workaholic Alexandra accept what Roman has to give?

And, what is going to happen when things get even more complicated?

While reading this story, I loved the fact that it was not just about the sex between the heroes. There was, of course, a deep attraction between them, and I really loved the way the communicated, and especially the text messages they exchanged. But in the end it proved to be a little more than that, a fact I deeply enjoyed!

All in all, 4,5 stars for an intriguing read with secrets and complications I hadn't seen coming!