Inconceivable! - Tegan Wren Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a book tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

What a deeply emotional ride this book was!!! And, what strong messages it helps pass to the readers about true love and kindness!

This story follows the footsteps of Hatty, an American Journalist intern who studies abroad, and her life-changing meeting with Prince John.

I've always loved anything that has to do with royal families and such, and so, it wasn't very difficult for me to get really into the story!

This book is divided to three separate parts, following the different life-stages Hatty, John and their relationship go through.

In Part I, Hatty meets Prince John in a Karaoke bar where the attraction between them is fairly apparent! Soon, they start seeing each other and eventually dating, after the signing of official documentation by Hatty, of course! I loved the way their attraction increased gradually, with every passing moment it getting stronger and stronger! The decision of Prince John to not consummate his love with none other than his wife, also added to the sexual intensity between them! There were also some misunderstandings, like it happens in real life couples, something I greatly enjoyed!

The Second Part revolved around their married life, and Hatty's anxiousness to get pregnant! They were loving with each other, trying every night for their heir to be conceived! The intense emotions felt by the heroine were pretty clear and described in a way that makes the readers empathize with her! Some tension started building between the Duchess and the Prince, especially after his younger brother's wife got pregnant and then gave birth herself.

Part III, finally, was the epitome of love of all kinds! With threats and accusations flying towards Hatty and the couple's inability to conceive, Prince John is called to make up his mind. The Queen and her son have presented him with a dilemma, he will either divorce his wife, or he will have the marriage annulled. What will Prince John final choice be? And, how will that choice effect the couple's lives? The answers to these questions are the strongest messages passed by the author!

All in all, 5 stars for all the deep emotions and powerful messages sent through this story!