Compromising Her Position

Compromising Her Position - Samanthe Beck Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This novel seemed to me like an amazing, hot and steamy read, right from the very first pages!!

Chelsea had asked from her boyfriend and coworker, Paul, to dress up as Santa for this year's Christmas work party! So when she spots the red suit she doesn't waste a minute to show her appreciation of him! In a small closet!

This was something completely unlike her, but it proved to be the best experience she had ever had so far! The complications start when she soon discovers that the Santa was not her boyfriend, but the new owner of their hotel, Rafe St. Sebastian! When Paul lets her know that he has gotten pregnant another of their coworkers and intends on marrying her, it is the final blow for Chelsea. She resigns her job and lands a new one, in another hotel, a few thousand miles away.

Rafe is a wealthy young man, willing to prove to his father that he is capable of making three deals with different hotels, all on his own! Chelsea's resignation has been a complication for him, too, seeing as she is one of the best at her work! Not to mention that after their passionate moments in that closet, he hasn't really been able to keep her out of his mind, something completely unusual for him!

While Chelsea has decided that she is not going to let herself love again after what Paul did to her, Rafe tracks her down, in order to show her that he is not done with her just yet. Both professionally and personally! She tries hard to avoid him, until he makes another deal, this time with the hotel Chelsea currently works for. In addition, he asked for her to be his personal tour guide for the whole week he is going to stay there, before the deal is sealed.

How is Chelsea going to avoid him for a whole week, when all she really wants is just the opposite?

An amazing story that got my complete attention right from the beginning! The author's writing style also helped with that! The pages flew by effortlessly, with both humorous and tense situations taing place between the two main characters.

I also loved this couple!

Chelsea was a young woman dedicated to everything she did, from her work to her relationships with other people. When she got her heart broken for yet another time, she decided to stop giving her all to the men she formed romantic relationships with. Nevertheless, she was a young, strong, independent woman I completely enjoyed reading about.

Rafe was a wealthy, young man, used to always getting what he wants, but also willing to work for it, and not just wait until it comes to him on its own! I just loved the way he tried to win over Chelsea!

I also enjoyed reading about some side characters, like Chelsea's realistic best friend and coworker, or even her mother, too!

All in all, 5 stars for an awesome, hot and steamy read, I thoroughly enjoyed!