The Meeting

The Meeting - Richelle Mead A short story told from Dimitri's point of view about the first meeting of our well-known badass couple! A well-written pick into Dimitri's head that I enjoyed very much, and helped me understand more about the impression Rose makes to other people (although I must admit I don't care much about anyone more than I do about Dimka). There is one little thing about it that I didn't like (and probably that says something about me, too). I was used to the God-like unattached and focused Dimitri. In these eleven pages we got a glimpse of his thoughts and feelings, a tiny one, that didn't unravel all the mystery that surrounds him, but still, I'm not entirely sure I would like to know more. I also have the impression that by tomorrow I will have changed my mind, but there's plenty of room for updates, if needed.