Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets - Liliana Hart One of the best books I've read lately, found completely by chance on Wattpad. For quite some time I've been interested in such matters and reading this book made me even more enthusiastic. The author completely achieved making me relate to the heroine and the passions in her life. Everything was well-written and progressed smoothly. There were many surprises, which was expected and accepted, seeing as it was a mystery novel. My only comment would be for the actual culprit, not to be so indifferent in the rest of the story. I would like it very much if there were many suspects and one of them was the actual murderer. That doesn't mean there weren't quite a few suspects already, though. For some of them I was even sure for the most of the novel, until they became the victims. There was quite much suspence and intense cliffhangers between the chapters. All in all, I loved the novel and I'm glad there more novels about J.J. Graves and her lives.