Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs Originally posted on Book-o-Craze

I always have the same problem with all of the books of this series! For the first few chapters I read the book and few interesting things occur. It doesn't capture my attention so much as it happens after some chapters. But by then, I just can't put the book down. And, this happens with every book featuring Merecedes Thompson.

Anyway, I shall start with the actual review. I loved this book! Because of Mercy, and Adam! And, finally everything became more clear. In many aspects.

To everyone that has done some essential research of the reviews of that book, a spoiler is known. Something terrible happens to Mercy. That specific event, for some is unacceptable, but as for me, it is not. The person that made her suffer is dealed with from Mercy herself, showing us once more what a strong character she is, an aspect of her personality I greatly love. What happened to her was hard, but she was able to overcome it with the help of her friends. And, more specifically, I loved the way the author delivered the events. It should have been very difficult. Authors don't always choose to write about such difficult subjects, but Patricia Briggs proved once more that she's very talented in delivering both happy and sad events.

The book, in overall, is amazing, and I can't wait to get my hands to the next installment of the series.