Choice of Broadsides (A Text-Based Adventure)

Choice of Broadsides (A Text-Based Adventure) - Choice of Games, Heather Albano, Adam Strong-Morse, Dan Fabulich Oh, how fortunate to be a heroic sailor and at times like the ones described at this text-based interactive game! I've actually played this 3 times already and I'm still not bored! A friendly warning, though. When the time comes for you to choose if you get married or not, you should choose wisely. If you try to impress with skills you don't really have, you'll be the one to lose. Anyway, the only weird thing about this story is that if you choose to be a female sailor, the whole story will be like living in a parallel universe... It was totally confusing for me at first, but when I decided to actually give it a chance, I definitely didn't regret it! It's just that you will be a female sailor in a world where the roles that come with the gender are opposite from what we are used to. Women are the ones that become sailors, those that court the man they wish to marry (aka they have to make the first move, imagine Jane Austen, but women in the position of men. A bit confusing, right?) and bring the money and wealth at home. Men? They have to take care of the maintenance of the house. An interesting perspective, especially if you are a woman! But, then again, if you are a man, you just encounter a rather common storyline... Dilemma! All in all, a great experience!