The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins The pages of this book flew by so quickly, considering that for the most part of yesterday and one day before yesterday I wasn't even at home!
I enjoyed it far more than I had anticipated.

Actually, some time ago, when confronted with the idea of adding them to my "to-read" list, I had refused. I found the idea of picking kids, or teens, and puting them in an arena to fight 'till death was quite shocking for my tastes, the author succeded to deliver the story in quite an admirable way.

Although, there was much death (24 people had to fight for the victory) it wasn't described in a gruesome way. Some deaths were quick and sudden, others not so much. There was stress and anxiety 'till the very end. The book itself ended in that way. The plot managed to keep me constantly on the edge and interested, almost literally absorbing the words.

I have to admit that even though the main heroine, Katniss, didn't have exactly many things common with me, she was strong, I admired her, and accepted her right from the beginning. The kind of life she leads has made her this tough. And, she's lucky she survives it, so, yeah!

And, something that might be considered as a spoiler...
I know everybody is teaming up with either Gale or Peeta. I felt compelled to team up, too, quite a few times throughout the book. But, then, I was thinking that Peeta wouldn't be exactly my choise, considering his early behavior. And, he has cried way more times in that book than Katniss... But, then again, he's been so utterly sweet with her, that it made my heart hurt in the end. I actually felt like crying for him. Poor guy. And, then, there's another problem. I hadn't exactly imagined him like the actor that will play his role in the movie -I saw the whole official trailer just today-, so I was a bit compelled about it.

And, then, there's Gale. Well, he hasn't made a move, although he implied something at the very beginning. And, I actually seemed to like his personality. He's not featured a lot in this book, but I'm positive the next will be full of him. I hope. I have to have a whole impression about him, in order to take sides, finally. But, well, I'm not gonna say anything more because I'm anxious to see what his reactions will be after The Hunger Games have been finished. He saw much kissing going on, and if he really feels something about Katniss this would be the right time to make his move. Or, not?

I'll hop to the next book to find out!

All in all, can't wait to watch the movie!!

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