Moon Called

Moon Called  - Patricia Briggs Well, well, well...
What an interesting book.
I really enjoyed it.

The world that was made by the author was quite truthfull.
The different kinds of preternatural creatures were various and amazing.
The main heroine was quite clever and I so liked to see the story unfold by her point of view.
The main male heroes in Mercy's life were also very interesting and simply hot!
The adventure was mysterious and got you hooked 'till exactly the very end!

For those, and many more reasons I enjoyed the book and don't hesitate to recommend to everyone that likes stories about weres. Werewolves, coyotes. Also, witches, vampires, faes. Much more interesting than what it sounds!

Oh, a note. I started the book on April 22nd. But, I only read the first two chapters that day. And, I continued on May 4th. And, for two days I just couldn't put it down. So, do not hesitate to give the book a chance even if in the beginning the story may not seem to go anywhere.