Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn Originally posted on Book-o-Craze

While reading that book I actually felt so many conflicting emotions.
But, mainly, I was looking for a way to post a review spoiler-less...
Because, what's the point of all those reviews if future readers can't actually read them?
So, my opinion on this book will be short, but I just need to share my thoughts.

The fact that amazed me in the most part, about this book, was the psychological and personality development of the heroine through the book and her experiences.
Chapter after chapter, you thought she was getting stronger and stronger, prouder and prouder.
I actually got very proud of her myself!
I have to admit, at the beginning I didn't really think of her personality very fondly. She just wasn't the type of the protagonist you usually imagine and like to read about. Kitty Norville used to be a girl that just left things the way they are. Didn't mind being treated badly if it meant she wouldn't be on anyone's bad side or harmed. Kitty was a scaredy cat!

But, I'm amazed to say that all this changed, and I got so excited about it. Even though there was too much brutal violence for my liking in some parts, I just avoided picturing those specific images with details inside my head. And, don't worry. It was just two to three places that actually had me grimacing. And, I really don't like violence, so yeah...

So, I totally recommend it to any werewolf fans.
It was a really good read for me, and I ended the book in about 6 hours.

I hope I didn't give much away.
Only a hint. Why all the good guys have to be gay? ;D (A general impression... Or not.)