Laura und das Labyrinth des Lichts

Laura und das Labyrinth des Lichts - Peter Freund Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

Well, I read those books awhile ago, and If I'm not wrong this particular day I ended that book (or, it was one of the previous, I've completely mixed the books of the series up, in my mind) I was having a pajama party with my cousin, and I stayed up alone 'till 5am just to end it. So, wow... These books have really affected me!

I decided to hide the rest of what I'm writing because it contains huge spoilers. I don't remember for which book exactly but, seriously, it would be awful to ruin it for anyone!
I just have to pass on my indignation!

I have to admit I liked every single character on these books and one of the few I adored, and wouldn't have mind to see pair up with Laura was Alaric...
AND OH! Did he really have to DIE???
In one of the books, I'm not sure which, but I think it was the fifth one, it is implied that he dies, and when I read that I was actually devastated! I was so depressed.
And then Peter Freund comes and shows Alaric again in the next book! And, after awhile, BOOM, Alaric gets killed, or, anyway it's implied again that he is dead. And, this time it wasn't so cruel because I had already been depressed about that in the next book. But, just like with the previous time, I was waiting, expecting him to show up again! Up until the last page I was hoping, reading with an anxiety.
For the last few years, I've been quite disappointed by that fact, and even though Laura finally got together with Phillip, I still felt a little odd.

Now, there's a seventh book, and I'm really hoping Alaric will appear alive and well. I don't know how, but hope always is the last one to die.