Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice  - Richelle Mead Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

Wait, wait, wait!
As I was browsing the books I've read and reviewed I couldn't find this one. And, I've been asking myself how could that have been possible?
This is one of the most amazing end-of-series books I've read.
And, of course, it is, seeing as it belongs to the series I love the most. But, still, I couldn't believe I haven't reviewed this. I still can't. I'm thinking that maybe I'll find my review somewhere hidden in my blog. But, anyway...

This was AWESOME!
Throughout the whole book I was really tense hoping that everything will go well for Rose. The situation between her and Dimitri was left in an awkward moment, too. In the beginning I dare say I was a little disappointed by their first interactions, but then of course Richelle Mead cleared completely the situation.

And, now I'd like to say a little something about Adrian, too, but I'm afraid it might contain some spoilers, so consider yourselves warned.

Adrian shares his part of faults in this relationship and I can't really expect him to be surprised with the way things ended up being. He just learned the wrong way, and that's the only reason why I feel sorry for him. But, also he did what he did in the beginning of the book, only to save Rose, and that's why I deeply admire him. Even if before I was almost anti-Adrian, now I'm much calmer and ready to admit each part's fault for this relationship's outcome. And, I'm quite excited to see more of him in the future. But with a different girl. And, I have the exact one in my mind. For Rose only Dimitri is the one and the only! Love like that can be surpassed or avoided, so they can't really help it.

Nevertheless, I was pretty excited with the way this book unfolded and couldn't really believe it. I kept going back and back to read and reread how things advanced to this point. Before I ended the whole book, that is. And, with the end I got even mor excited, although this time it was a bit conflicted. My feelings for the breaking of the bond between Rose and Lissa, were. It was a little strange knowing that things would never be exactly the same for those two again. But, this gave the chance to Rose to be completely with dimitri not fearing all the time that she might suck Lissa's shadows and darkness. As for Lissa, it gave her the chance to privacy. Something she had lost and should have missed!

My personal feelings were a little conflicted towards the end, of course, because from one side all these excited things occurred, but from the other, those series were quickly coming to an end. Every page that I turned was a constant conflict, but a totally pleasant one!

To sum up, this book is absolutely recommended, of course, and offers a great end for the most amazing series.