Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

I shall admit that for me the most important things that happened in this book were the ones between Rose and Dimitri.
I can say for sure that although much much time has passed since I read this book two things have been inked into my mind. The first was something I'd long anticipated, and the other was the complete opposite.
Absolute happiness and comfort soon, TOO SOON, followed by complete dispair and astonishment...

And, of course, the end, OH THE END, left me breathless. I wanted to cry my guts out. I was so hopeless...
So much that I had to go quickly and read the blurbs from all the books of these series I had already bought. And, I still wasn't totally satisfied... I was so scared for that special character and so astonished... The only way I could ease all that pain that Rose (and with her, me too) felt was to go dig my face completely and quickly to the following book of this series!