Frostbite - Richelle Mead Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

This is a freat continuation to one of the most amazing series I've ever read! It even arised conflict over new characters and Rose's love interests. That's why I thought I should dedicate this review to it.

While a new character arrives completely unexpectedly.
At first, I hadn't really paid much attention to him, as I didn't really think he would be someone important for the development of the series. But, it turned out to be completely different.
I don't know if Richelle Mead had him on her mind from the beginning of the series or if she just decided how the books would develop with him, but definitely it was quite a wonderful addition. Although, I personally don't belong to his fanclub, I must admit he played a crucial role for the development of Rose's personality. And, he has gained my respect over time and effort from his side.
So, I won't offer any other spoiler, because I just really want everyone to read this book, along with the rest of the series!