Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark  - Karen Chance Originally posted on Book-O-Craze.

So, the after-effects of this book are still too intense. I'm not even sure I can place it on my favorites' list. I loved it, but I don't know if it was enough... We'll see, though.

The fact is, I had started this book some days ago, but so many things happened between then, and I got so diastracted, that I didn't give it the chance it deserved. But, when I finally decided to read furhter than the 40% I had reached, well, I just couldn't stop. I read the rest of the book in just two days, if I remember correctly. (Tee heh, my memory isn't as good, as I'd liked it to be!)

Anyway, I liked that book very very much.
The world Karen Chance created was very believing and I enjoyed reading about the different levels of vampires, the mages, the ghosts... Everything was wrapped very truthfully and it was an amazing combination.

The heroine, admittedly, was very much of approval by me.
She was tough, when she needed to be, and knew how and why to do the right thing, even if it was difficult for her. I really liked her, and her name, which fit to her perfectly.

As about the romantic interests? Hmm... I can't say I got extremely attracted, personally, to anyone in particular. Many could serve their own purposes, and some even wanted just to use Cassie, so I hated them for that. As for whom the heroine is going to choose? That is a very intriguing question, the answer of which I'm planning on finding out through the next books of these series.

The only disadvantage in this book, in my opinion, was that there were far too many explanations and little action at some points. This was mainly the reason why I paused reading for a brief period of time. But, I have high hopes that through time and books, these explanations will become less, or at least, more brief. I understand that we needed and explanation about the world and the main characters. I just hope there will be less in the adventures to come.

All in all, I can say that this book really charmed me and made me look forwart to how things will proceed for Cassie and all the world her choises influence.