Stray - Rachel Vincent Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

*Sigh* I really can't believe that there are some books I haven't reviewed. It seems impossible seeing as I read them lately, after I had started writing reviews...
This book is also one of those that I was sure I had reviewed.
But, anyway.

"Stray" is the first book on a series about werecats. And, the first book about this type of weres I have ever read!
I should admit that, although the author's writing style was a little too neutral for my liking, I enjoyed very much this book.
And, now that I've actually read more from Rachel Vincent, I can say that this is her best-written book, in my opinion, at least.

Although, the realtionships went a little bit fast, it wasn't too fast, like other books. Also, even though the heroine succumbed to something she didn't like she actually had second thoughs, and we could really see her fighting with her doubts and struggling to make a choise. I liked that aspect very much.

And, the whole story was very creative, too!
Although, I might have to admit, that if I remember correctly too many events occurred, even for a book this big.

But, nevertheless it was a quite enjoyable experience!