Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning I ended the final -for now- book of this series in just 2 days with reading from morning to night, and breaks for food and sleep. (A little socializing happened, too, but anyway, back to the point!)

This book blowed my mind away.
It starts out bad. Intense feelings, grief that clutches the heart.
The relationship between Mac and Barrons is getting bad, then better, then who knows what. They are fitting for each other, but still make me have conflicted thoughts. I absolutely love them, though, conflicted feelings, or not.

And, don't even get me started about all the unexpected elements of that book.
If the previous books constituted of many surprises and weird situations, then this one beats them all. Whenever you dared believe something, BOOM!, came the slap in the face. Although, I'm sure a slap in the face wouldn't make such a noise, in my mind it seemed like a bomb. And, after you accept the impossible, something else comes to the surface. And, then another surprise, and then another. All coming too naturally, in a very well orchestrated way.
Gosh, I can't even start counting all the things that blew away my mind. In every chapter I was holding my breath. Death, tragic and fateful discoveries, deception, passion, all in one.

And, above all, Karen Marie Moning is a master in psychology.
I've noticed that in all her books she doesn't rush to give you all the answers, while in the same time leaving open many windows. She lets you think about a new discovery, digest it, start thinking it as logical, and then suddenly it's erased for something lighter that sits better in the stomach. From a weird and almost bad possibility, you are taken to a worse one that makes you uneasy, and then back to something that might be bad -or at least, not quite good- but better than the all the other potentials. What I'm saying is vague, I know, but I absolutely do not want to ruin this great experience for anyone. And, I'm not only talking about that particular book, but the whole series.

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