Succubus Dreams

Succubus Dreams - Richelle Mead Oh Goodness!

Richelle Mead has the ability to pass right through me all the emotions the heroine experiences!
Oh that heartache was unbearable! And it didn't get away once I finished reading the book!
Wow, that was magnificent!

I've always liked this particular type of writing. Actually that's proved because every single piece of work Richelle Mead's written is stocked to my favorites!
She makes it so easy to identify with the heroine!

And to love the heroes! Or, most of them anyway!
I have to admit that although in the Vampire Academy series my fave hero is Dimitri, which is the main love interest of the heroine, that doesn't really happen with the Georgina Kincaid series!
Here, I love Carter! He's an angel, afterall! ;)
But I rather prefer him, although he's not including in the range of Georgina's love interests!

But, well, my heartache is still sore, so I better get started reading the next book, or I'll start screaming or something!

Keep up the great work!!!