Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

I thought I should write a review for this book because there are so many people talking about Patch and how sexy he is.
Well, about the latter I have to agree, sure, but when I'm thinking about his behavior... Ugh...

And, I'm not quite sure I understood right away that his intention was to kill the heroine. Jeez, it was so confusing the way it was described.
But, anyway, he was just so arrogant that even his sexiness wasn't enough for me. All that cockiness really got on my nerves.
BUT, I shall say that there is one scene that has really stuck in my mind.
This is the only way I came a tiny bit closer to liking Patch. The way he tries to seduce Nora into her kitchen. *Hint hint, and a little spoiler, but a pleasant one in my opinion* :D