The Vampire Diaries: Matt and Elena - First Date

The Vampire Diaries: Matt and Elena - First Date - L.J. Smith Haha, this was quite a start for a series I've been planning to start for some time!

This short story describes the first date of Matt and Elena.
I don't know what will go on between them on the rest of the books, but this was really an ideal date.
Although, almost nothing went as planned, the author managed to show in the best way, that real feelings of love are not built in money and glittering things, but on smaller, that are more significant!

Towards the end, the story took a quite dream-like turn, but it showed us how other people would perceive their attitude, so it was welcome.

P.S. I think I like Matt very much, so it will be a shame if he's ignored in the rest of the series...

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