Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel

Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel - Emma Vieceli, Leigh Dragoon, Richelle Mead Well, of course, the storyline was well-known to me, although I must admit there were some details that I was perfectly delighted that I had the chance to come across to, again!
The characters also known, and quite loved I might say!

While reading this comic book, and although I'm not exactly a fan of this type of book, I felt the thrill of reading Vampire Academy all over again!

For this great opportunity and only, I'd never even regret or have second thoughts about reading it!

My only objections?
The character that was most succesfully drawn, in my opinion, was only Christian Ozera (talking about the main heroes only).
Next, would come Rose Hathaway! She was quite charming but definitely not the beauty that was described in the books, or even the one I made with my imaginations!
Then, Dimitri Belikov, just because there were some scenes were he was actually good-looking. But, still, not the God Badass described or even imagined.
And, then? Lissa Dragomir. Gosh, I didn't like her at all. Humph.

But, anyway, I know how hard it is to draw, and I absolutely have no talent in this area. And, anyway, I always had a problem imagining those favorite characters of mine. Dimitri & Rose are absolutely idolized by me and probably nothing will ever match them in my mind. Not a drawing, not a person, an actor, nothing.
And, I guess that's the case with every other huge fan! The disadvantage of a great, successful book, I guess...