Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma When I first laid eyes on this book, I was attracted by the cover!
Then, I was attracted by the plot... With a major difference, though! The price tag had been placed involuntarily just above the last few sentences : "And now they fell in love. But... They are brother and sister."
Soo, I picked it up and bought it thinking it was just about 2 best friends that happened to fall in love! As usual! I thought it was just another ordinary story! And I agreed with the plot 'cause I don't believe in friendship between a male and a female myself!
But anyway, before I started the book I read a few reviews and found out the truth about the plot. It was a bit startling, as I've never read about something similar but you know, the opinion of the reviewer won me over so I wasn't very shocked!

My only comment at the beginning and 'till the last few chapters was that I didn't like Lochan's character. AT ALL! I didn't like the idea of him being strong only inside his family! I didn't like the fact that Maya was stronger than him in that particular way! And generally it wouldn't be my choise of male role!
But, ok with this! I overcame that at the final chapters because he was hardly ever described while at school anymore, or at least he made a new "sort-of-friend" and became SLIGHTLY a bit more social!

My other problem with the book was that I am an only child, so it was quite hard for me to imagine the situation in which Maya & Lochan were and what it would be like! So, instead I found myself considering them just a couple of lovers. With a problem of expressing their love to everyone else, maybe, but I didn't really like the fact that I had to REMIND myself they were siblings whenever the things got hot and heavy (which, believe me, was quite often).

That aside, I was rating the book with 3 or even 4 stars. Which translates to "I (really) like the book".

But, then I got to the Epilogue...
Before that, in the final chapter I hadn't realize that these were Lochan's final thoughts and he had actually killed himself... I still think that all he wanted was to escape but the window prooved to be too high. Or maybe that was why he had hesitated. Because he saw how distant the bottom seemed to be... But, you know I actually didn't realize it! Because I'm always ADDICTED for happy endings, so I tend to always think the best possibility for my heroes. I hate having them killed or heart-broken, or anything like that!
And, I know it's NOT realistic, but HELLO! I don't read books only to find out what's happening to the outside world. My main reason to be so book-addict is that with them I can really get off of my problems. I forget about anything and everything! And that's exactly what I want!
I hate wanting to forget I've read a book! Or at least the end of it!

And I'm mainly talking about stand-alone books, 'cause when it's about book series things are different! Even if the book has a bad ending you know it's just a cliff-hanger. Most importantly? You can then go and Google up the blurb from the next book-to-come. So, you might get a hint of what's going to happen and you won't be as disappointed as I feel right now! And at least even if other books have many deaths and stuff, even if it is about important people for the heroes, I'm surely going to crash if one of the 2 heroes dies. If both of them do, it will be better because I will then hope for their after-death reunion! I'm hopeless romantic, I know, but I can't help it! And I don't want me to change it!
But back to the topic, of course it would be horrible if ANY of the 5 children had died. So, a dilemma, I guess, huh? UGH! See? Now I'm thinking like death would b inevitable for the ending of the story! Like either way someone would get killed! I don't like that train of thought...

So, for the ending I have to rate with 2 stars! But, then again I'm thinking that before the Epilogue everything was much better than just an "It was ok" rating.
So, I put 2,5 stars!
Just for the after-taste that book gave me!