Blood Ties

Blood Ties - Gabriella Poole I shall inform you that this review contains quite a few spoilers.
I just couldn't help myself.
I'm so sick and tired of all this. Not so much plot and situation, as characters.
Godh, I hate some chars of this book. I really do.

I was torn between 1 and 2 stars, but as you can see I stuck with 2, firstly because I respect the author and all the hard work and effort she made for this particular book and series, and secondly because there indeed were some times that the pages actually flew by quite quickly. Not many, but they existed.
So, to be more specific.

After the first 100 pages, and specifically after the big fight between Cassie and Ranjit, the book started getting a little higher on my respect. Just a little, don't get your hopes up.

The reason is because I plainly hate Ranjit. I loathe him. I absolutely do.
Okay, I can get all this exotic beauty and mysteriousness surrounding him, but that's it.
I don't have the slightest idea why Cassie would ever want to be with him.
He used to date a girl that looks exactly like her. Didn't that give her a hint? From the first time he laid eyes on her he gave her a special treatment, and I didn't quite see him making any movements on getting to know her before he decided he wanted to hook up with her. And, I don't care if it was their spirits wanting to unite that ushered them to start kissing, all of a sudden. It was plainly wrong. And when he confused her name with Jess', oh, I so much found it entertaining. I actually felt relieved. Because Cassie might have realized that she may be a replacement. And, it doesn't matter if "it was only at the beginning, and then he got ot know her better" and blah blah blah. Ugh. I'm so angry. Gee. I can't believe a simple character can get me so worked up. Unless, that's the point. And what's worse? When he dared to go and apologise he didn't even mention anything about the whole "Jess' name incident". What a coward.

I'll jump now to the subject "Jake". Another character I simply loathe. And, it's understandable. He wants to avenge his sister and all that. But, on his way, he's determine to crash anything and everything that could hold him back. He was actually starting to feel very friendly towards Cassie, up until against her will a part of a spirit entered her and became Part-Few. And, again, I really do not know what Isabella is doing with him. Honestly. She just came second, can't she see it? She's so blinded by love? He was in love with Katerina, and the only thing that could make that fling subside would be exactly what happened. Katerina proved to be his sister's murderer. In no other way, would Jake ever give Isabella a chance. And, actually like her, so that makes him all that much more hated for me.

I'll ramble about the third boy, too. Richard. A hot topic. A chameleon. So weak. But, so determined to help Cassie. I actually believe that if in the third book (which I really don't know if I'm going to read, by the way) Cassie doesn't end up with this Ranjit, he will definitely have a chance. He wanted to make her special than any other of his hits, if not from the beginning, from a well-defined part of the story. I can't actually recall the incidents before he tricked hr to the trap that led to her partial unison with the spirit, but he believed he did the wright thing. And, my feelings toward him are just a bit less mixed than Cassie's.

And, speaking of the protagonist, I actually got to like her even more when she dumped Ranjit. When she proved how strong she is. She's independable. Of course, I'd love to see her with someone in the future, but definitely none of the characters we've met 'till now. I do have a suspicion about the cointinuation of the story, though.

To add to all this, I must say that the style of writing didn't really magnetize me. Especially, the fight scenes. Not quite intriguing. In a big part of the book I actually found myself being distracted.
I don't know, I don't know. I'm so confused.
And certainly sure I'm going to rewrite this review.
I need to be calmer to do it, though.
I wrote it and I was so angry, it is totally unfair to the author.
To sum up, I just stated my personal opinion, I'm open to hear others, too, and if I'm too aggressive I'm sorry, but not half an hour has passed since I ended reading it, and my anger is still fresh. Gosh, I even don't know why I got so upset about Ranjit. Because, he's the main cause of it. And, then Jake. Ugh.