Airhead  - Meg Cabot Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

This book, although I can't really say that it had the same affect to me as other books I've read, it definitely provided a fantastic experience. I'd already known that I would like Meg Cabot's writing style, seeing as I had read her Mediator series.
Well, this book was light just like with The Mediator books.
But, the major difference is that the author chose a very strange and deep subject for this series.
It could be a really dramatic story, if it was written in any way different.

But, I shall talk about the storyline, first.
We follow a normal-looking girl that suddenly dies, and when she opens again her eyes she's not dead. She's alive, but in the body of another girl. And that girl was no other than a supermodel.

Well, the author's talent should be openly admitted. When I first realized what had happened I was very shocked. Of course, now that I see the situation from a little distance in both time and emotions, I must say that it wasn't all that dramatic. But, it still shocked me. I expected an even lighter book. But, yet again, I guess it's all about expectations.
Don't get me wrong. I wasn't disappointed in this book.
Quite the opposite, I really liked.
I just went through a stage of denial. Waiting for the catch.
I couldn't believe it possible happening, and what the implications would be... It just tore my mind to even start thinking about them.
Well, mostly because I have very specific views about mind-and-body relationship...

But, nevertheless, it was a quite amazing book, and I can't wait to read more about the main heroine and the difficulties/adventures she's facing with her new life!