Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead Reviewed for the "Reviews from Depth of Time" Marathon.

Reviews from Depth of Time

I actually read that book a while ago. Soon, it will be two years. It first got into my hands accidentally one day when I had visited the bookstore. I remember that at the time I was experiencing my vampire-phase, so what really first caught my eye was that word in the title. Then, I noticed the word Academy and thought that it would be a good story. Then I actually had in mind some books I considered to be my favorite and I had got obsessed with boarding schools and that did it. I instantly decided to buy that book. But, I was wrong about one thing... This book wasn't good. It was way more! It was beyond great for me!
But, let's take it one at a time...

Richelle Mead has a unique and amazing ability to write. From the first page she can get you hooked with her unique storylines, her characters, the way she describes things and situations. She can actually make you "see" what the heroes are watching, and experience their exact feelings.

So, that's why Rose made me like her from the first few pages. She is the type of person I admire, and actually would be content to be like her even just for a little. But, also, the way her feelings and the situations she was in, were described, it could really make you experience the exact same things.
When Rose was happy, I was, too. When Rose was upset, I did, too! And, when actually Rose felt in love with someone, I fell along with her, too!

And, that was the magic with her love story. I was unlinke other heroines that fall in love with someone just for their looks. Before they have actually a chance to get to know the other person. For Rose, it was gradual and that made the difference. That's the reason why her love interest is the one and only character I really, trully, deeply love! He's the one, for Rose, and that makes me feel like he's the one character for me, too! Always special, always unique.
The one I compare with every other guy I read about.

All in all, I should say that when I first laid hands on Vampire Academy I didn't have a standard. I didn't actually have a book that has mesmerized me that much that I start comparing with every single piece of work I read. I only had some major favorites. That's not the case anymore.
Due to this book, now I have very high standards for every single story I can get my hands to. I have even found that many books on my favorites' shelf don't really deserve to have a place next to my all time favorite and her story. I know it's unfair, but I do actually give a chance to other authors and stories. And, of course, other series from Richelle Mead haven't amazed me as much.
It's just this one for me. The one book and series that fit my personality completely. But, I still hope that someone someday will give me an equal, if not bigger, satisfaction!

So, never stopping reading for me! I suggest that to everyone!