Chance of a Lifetime

Chance of a Lifetime - Marissa Clarke Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

When one of Gen's colleagues, only one year older than her, dies by choking on a mint, the 25-year-old woman decides to step up the game and actually start living her life, instead of keeping on leading a peaceful life guarded closely by her older brother. As a blind girl, and later woman, her family has always been a little overprotective of her, and just a bit on the disappointed side.

While on an outing with her friend, Gen decides to take out of her wallet her bucket list of things to do, which she created 10 years earlier. The first thing on the list? Kiss a total stranger! But, what happens if the total stranger she kissed proves to be far from stranger?

Ten years ago, when Gen and her brother were still friends with Chance Anderson, a terrible accident happened, leading to the disappointment of Gen's brother towards his former best friend, and the one Gen started to feel herself about Chance, after his disappearance. Now, all those years later, they reunite through the strangest of ways! Chance has sworn to Gen's brother he won't touch his sister again! But, what happens when they discover their mutual attraction for each other?

I just loved this story! And, I loved even more the way the author narrated it!

Readers do not realize at first that Gen is blind. Actually this happens almost at the end of the second chapter, in a completely natural way, emphasizing what the heroine has also said multiple times through the course of the story: Just because she is blind, it doesn't mean she is handicapped, disabled, or helpless. She can live her life just like everyone else, especially since the technology has advanced so much, that she can navigate herself through the city quite easily. She is also no helpless damsel in distress that needs someone to protect and guard her at all times! I loved this fact about the heroine! Gen is a strong, brave, independent young woman who decides to live her life to the fullest. I adored her for that!

I also loved Chance, and the way he viewed and behaved towards Gen! He was protective with her, sure, but not because he considered her weak or helpless. On the contrary, he felt a deep affection towards Gen, and wanted her to do everything that non-blind people do! He is a great and quite realistic character, perfectly described by the author as a tortured individual everybody thought as damaged, so he damaged himself just to prove them right!

I won't say much about the attraction between the heroes, as this is fairly obvious right from the start! And, the way the author described everything? Just marvelous!

All in all, 5 stars for a deep and beautiful read with realistically strong characters!