Bloodlines - Richelle Mead Oh gosh!

I thought I only loved Vampire Academy and Rose but Bloodlines was so good, too!

Sydney was quite a tough heroine, one I enjoyed reading about.

I even actually thought I can identify better with Bloodlines' main heroine and narrator.

Although I'd love to be like Rose and take action, fight for my life and the lives of those I love, respect etc etc, Sydney proved to be a little closer to my personality, or to what I'd like to be. She's tough in her own way. She's even scary without using any physical strength. She can use her brains, and although her means of revenge were quite... frightening, she meant well.

I had actually liked Sydney since we met her through Rose's stories. And, although I don't quite approve of all her superstitions, she's quite the character. And of course she's tough. Richelle Mead has said in one of her interviews that she wouldn't like writing about a weak hero.

Actually I believe that the two main girls of the Vampire Academy and their spin-off the Bloodlines series are quite different!

Well, I can say only one thing about the two narrators. Now I love both Rose and Sydney!

The fact is that my opinion is still a little weird about all the other characters. Ahem...

Adrian was never my favorite. And while he's still not, I can say that he's made considerable steps of progress.

Eddie, on the other side, has fallen in my eyes. I wanted him for myself, but well, if he wants someone else, so be it!

Jill... Well, that's a tough matter. I've never really liked her. In the first book of the Bloodlines series I even found myself feeling a deep hatred for her. I don't know exactly why. Probably because of her overall attitude. Somewhere towards the end, though, my opinion of her slightly changed. And I don't even know how that happened. Well, I just hope she'll stop talking badly about Rose, or I'm gonna get mad every time she does otherwise. Adrian will get over his broken heart eventually, I'm positive, so she doesn't have to be like that. Pff...

Generally, it was so good and refreshing to have back this amazing world. One full of Moroi, Dhampirs, Alchemists and even Strigoi. I just can't wait 'till the next book gets published. I just wish the publication would be one day later, so that it would come out at my birthday. But one can only hope. For another book, maybe, but as long as we have the same world and characters, I'll be happy!