Wishes for Christmas

Wishes for Christmas - Fern Michaels Review originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a Tour organized by Tasty Book Tours!

This year I hadn't really managed to feel all the Christmas hype, with the season's glow not as apparent to me as previously. And, it might sound like it is a bit soon for the Christmas joy to start, but for me that was never the case up until last year!

All this, before I read Wishes for Christmas, though.

Fern Michaels made the holidays seem a little more festive this year, through her three short stories included in this book. They all featured heroes from the author's two main series

The first short featured the heroes from Michaels' The Sisterhood series. The next one was about Toots and Sophie and their family, from The Godmothers' series. The last story was a combination of the two!

Maggie, in the first story, convinces her crew that the important thing is to give and not to take, especially during the Christmas Holidays. So, they decide to look up her old teacher who has inexplicably vanished, and make up for what Maggie thought she made wrong all these years back. Will these Vigilantes achieve their goal once more? Will they find the lost teacher? This is for the reader to find out, but a truth has to be told. A wonderful message is being passed through this story, which made me can't wait for Christmas to come!

In the second story included in this book, Sophie, a woman with psychic powers, gets a weird vibe from a decorator. How is she going to find out what is really going on, and who exactly is connected to her? A beautiful short story that brought two families close together, a very nice Christmas gift to all the heroes!

Lastly, the third story, featured the collaboration of Annie and Myra from The Sisterhood, with Toots and Sophie from The Godmothers, in order to solve a new mystery. It is always nice and exciting to watch heroes from supposedly different universes to be brought together into one story. This short also included as main heroes another set of characters, probably new to Fern Michaels' fans!

All the stories were about well-thought and clever ideas and plotlines, that I would like to read about with more details and in more pages! But all the right messages were still able to pass through to the readers!

Finally, reading this book, I realized that I would like to probably have read some of The Sisterhood and The Godmothers' series' books, in order to be able to understand better the characters and their personalities. I was thankful for all the information that the author was giving about them, but of course it couldn't be like I had read them beforehand.

But, that is not going to stop me from getting my hands on the first installments of these series, in order to find out more about all the heroes I came to like through reading these shorts.

All in all, I award 4,5 stars to this book, because it gave me quite a lot of the Christmas joy I had been missing this year!