Kropsy's Curse

Kropsy's Curse - Kelli A. Wilkins Originally posted on Book-o-Craze

This short story was offered to me by the author Kelli A. Wilkins, in exchange for a review.

What caught my eye at first was its blurb. It sounded really interesting and the fact that the story was about two boys in a cemetery with an Ouija Board, well, intrigued me immensely.

And, I'm glad to say that the story did not disappoint me!
In fact, even if it was rather short, it was straight to the point, making the reader understand the feelings of little Kyle, and actually a bit of his personality, too. Jerry's character was also well-made, too, with all his bossy bravery in plain sight. The cemetery was also quite well-described, making us realize exactly how dark and scary it would be on this Halloween Night. And, I hadn't expected that, but I even laughed a bit towards the end, although I'm not going to spoil this for the rest of the readers. The end of the story was a little sudden. If it was just at the end of chapter it would be a perfectly good cliffhanger. But, in this case, I was just left hanging a little, because of the possibilities. That could be what the writer wanted all along, though.

The author's writing style was very nice, and I felt that the story progressed very naturally. I will totally try more of her stories, seeing as I was able to enjoy this short sample so much.

All in all, it was a very good read, tempting me to invest more time on Kelli A. Wilkins stories. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it was short. It had so much potential to be a longer story. But, I guess, not one about a dark Halloween night.