A Very Werey Christmas

A Very Werey Christmas - R.M. Gilmore, Becca Lee, Dahlia Donovan, Ashlea Rhodes, C.C. Wood, Aimie Jennison Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by Hot Tree Promotions.

Christmas is my favorite time of year! And, when it is combined with some paranormal romance, especially one that includes shifters, well, let's just say it can't get much better!

A Very Werey Christmas is an anthology of short stories, written by six different authors, that combined exactly these two themes!

On Winter's Moon by R.M. Gilmore, Randy Stryker has been the Alpha of her clan for exactly one year, after she killed her cruel, to her and her people, husband, on the night of Winter's Moon. This is the reason she became the Alpha, instead of the Beta, Duke. Now, a year later, Randy starts suspecting that Duke is planning to get her out of the way, in order to claim the position of the Alpha. Meanwhile, Gage Riversong along with his brothers, visit the festivities of the packs, requesting a treaty. Aside from the mutual attraction they share, will he also help her uncover Duke's plans and stop him before it's too late?

On Pull of The Moon by Becca Lee, Cadence has been the Alpha of her pack for the past eighteen months, right after her father's sudden death. Now, all this time later, a Supernatural Agency Against Crime (SAAC) agent will be visiting the pack, in order to investigate the case of illegal fights organized by humans and shifters taking place! But, when Dane arrives, things soon get out of control for Cadence, seeing as they are mates.

On Not Even a Mouse by Dahlia Donovan, Kat is a tiny shifter, a trait passed down to her from her mother. She shifts into a mouse. Every Christmas she sneaks into her brother's best friend's apartment, in order to decorate it! But Declan soon reveals that he believes they are mates, a fact that makes KAt unsettled and a little angry with him for keeping it to himself that long!

On Snow's Christmas Wish by Ashlea Rhodes, after two months of being on the run, regretting the fact she said no to a potential mate who killed her family in order to take revenge, Snow meets Ink. But, what is going to happen when a wolf stumbles upon a vampire? A quite different story, featuring two different species.

On The Witch and The Wolf by C.C. Wood, Candela, a young witch from a good family and coven, has started getting a bit tired by her family's attempts to match her with a good-looking and well-mannered warlock. But will one night of passion between her and Blake, a young wolf, change everything?

On Cure For Christmas by Aimie Jennison, while out on Christmas shopping, Blake spots the scent of her mate. But beneath her lavender aroma, Blake is able to scent something else, too. A form of sickness. Caitlyn suffers from breast cancer. Blake is determined to bring her to Falls Creek, certain that it's the only way to ensure her survival! Will he be able to convince her to follow him, considering she also has a young son she need to provide for?

All in all, 4 stars for a wonderful anthology that combined the supernatural with Christmas!