From A to B (Wee Bookie of Nookie, #2)

From A to B (Wee Bookie of Nookie, #2) - Samantha Fontien Review originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a Tour organized by Hooked on Books Promotions, and .

This is the second short story by Samantha Fontien, that features Rubin Miller, although this one is set a few years back than the first.

In this installment, 18 year-old Cambridge student Rubin has set his eyes on two young women in a bar. The girls are supposed to be tough and snob cookies that kick away any attempt of flirtation. But Rubin achieves to win them over.

They all go back to his apartment and things end up being quite steamy. The description was, as in the previous short, fabulous, and we actually got an insight to Rubin's past. A few details for the girls were also given, even if they were limited to what the hero had heard around campus.

This story had a few comical elements, too and it was quite a nice touch to getting to know Rubin.

I'm becoming more and more curious about him with everything new I read about him!
I will totally start the series about his best friend.

All in all, 5 stars for another Wee Bookie of Nookie short.