Silver Knight (The Silver Series)

Silver Knight (The Silver Series) - Caron Rider Gosh, actually this book gets 1 and a half star from me.
But, I chose to go on Goodreads with 1, because most of the time I just plainly hated it.

There were many things I didn't like.
The lack of plot is the main thing that got on my nerves.
Nothing happened on this book! And, when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING!
When something was actually going to happen, BOOM, an explosion occured and that was all.
Seriously. Nothing else.
This book was mostly about the past experiences of the warriors.

I was actually contemplating dropping it the whole time I was reading it.
But, then I thought of giving it a chance.
Ah, so much wasted time...

Even the romance I hated... This is a first for me.
And, everything happened so quickly it was totally unreal...

That's my opinion and all I'm gonna say.
If you have a different point of view I'd be glad to accept any comments, but my opinion is not gonna change.