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I loved that book right from the beginning!

But first things first...

Stella is a brave, strong young woman who has suffered a tortured past! Her ex-boyfriend, except for beating her and eventually making her afraid of the male species in general, is also stalking her. She is unable to use her credit cards, or even go to the hospital if the need arises, in fear of him tracking her down and forcing her into things she is not willing to endure anymore!

Logan Wild is an elusive private detective that has also been through his own hardships! When he sets his eyes on Stella, something attracts him in a very deep and primal level. While, she feels an attraction for him, too, Stella is also intimidated by the way he looks at her. When a customer attacks her, though, Logan is the one to save her.

From then on, the story takes another turn as they instinctively deepen their relationship slowly and gradually. Even if at first Stella introduces herself to Logan as Stormy Knight, the secrets she has hidden for quite some time, and the threat her ex-boyfriend poses, will soon start being revealed.

While reading this book, I loved the fact that the author chose to write about such a sensitive subject of domestic, psychological and physical violence and the way it might affect the people involved.

Stella was a very well-built character with a personality that had been evolved through the hardships she had endured. She often found herself torn between the person she became after the abuse she received from her ex-boyfriend and the one she was before that. She is also a deeply traumatized, young woman, afraid to get too close to a man, in fear of him starting to show similar behavior of extreme possessiveness and violence.

I also loved Logan and the way he thought both generally, and about Stella, too. He was willing to be gentle with her and became really protective of her, acting on instinct, a fact I deeply adored about him. He insisted in making her relax and trust him first, willing to help her subside her fears.

Finally, another thing I loved about this book, aside from the wonderful characters and the very natural writing style of the author, was the way Stella and Logan's relationship grew and evolved, with them getting to know each other gradually, carefully and delicately, and in turns confiding to each other.

All in all, 5 stars for an amazing, deep read, with complex characters and tough subjects being brought up!