Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking - Michelle Escamilla Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a tour hosted by HEA Book Tours PR & More.

This book was the second installment of the Careful What You wish For series.
While it was the continuation of the previous book and the story involved the same grant-wishing Fairy Godmother, the main heroes and the whole plot were quite different. Actually, at some points they were even opposite!

This story was about Leila, the daughter of Harley, who was featured in the previous book!
But, it unfolded in a much different way!

In the previous installment Harley seemed to be in the peak of her career when she got her wish granted, and then woke up having seemingly lost everything she had fought for.
On the contrary, Leila was working in a coffee shop, dreaming about a job in the fashion industry, which, after wishing for it, she woke up having.

Of course, that was mostly due to her making a conscious wish to her mother's Godmother, Donna, after finding out about her! She rushed into this decision without think of the consequences.

While at first everything seemed to have worked out just fine for her, she soon discovered that things were a little more complicated than how they seemed. Especially regarding Jackson King, the man she had also wished for!

Waking up to find out she had estranged herself from her parents and her best friend Reggie, she soon started regretting her choice to make that wish!

Will her reuniting with Reggie be enough to help her fix things and realise just how differently her life should have worked out?

Once again, we are reminded that we should be careful what we for, and also, that even if we think we have been granted our wish, we should still look into things and ensure that this is what we really want!

All in all, 4,5 stars to an awesome sequel, involving the daughter of our previous heroine and her life choices!