The Last Chance Christmas Ball

The Last Chance Christmas Ball - Nicola Cornick, Joanna Bourne, Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Patricia Rice Originally posted on Book-o-Craze, on a book tour hosted by Tasty Book Tours.

This was a very interesting and quite festive collection of Christmas novellas!

What I deeply enjoyed about it, was the fact that all stories took place in the same period of time, specifically on Christmas of 1815! This is one of my favorite time periods and its feel was given in a very nice way while reading this anthology! An added bonus was the fact that it referred to Christmas stories, on snowy days!

As for each individual story, they all had very unique elements, but at the same time circled around the fact that miracles can take place on Christmas time, with second chances being given to very different people, in order to find their one true love, or even be reunited with them!

On My True Love Hath My Heart by Joanna Bourne, Nick has loved Claire for quite some time, even if she decided to put an end to their relationship, thinking they could never be together, with her being a merchant and him an aristocrat. But with her plans of vengeance on someone who has wronged her being scheduled, will Nick's assistance be enough for her to change her mind?

On A Scottish Carol by Susan King, Henry and Clarinda had been in love when they were younger, but seeing as her father didn't approve of her marrying his protege, he married her of to her cousin, to whom she was promised when they were both kids. Several years later, with her husband having long died on a horse accident and her dad having also passed away, Clarinda wants to enroll on the University where Henry works as a professor. Even if it was very rare for a woman to study at that time period, Henry agrees to help her. Will that help bring them closer to each other, considering his desensitization over the years that have passed!

On Christmas Larks by Patricia Rice, an injured man returns back to his home, discovering that it has been sold to an old childhood friend of his. The fact I greatly loved about this short was the talking mice and the hero's reaction to them!

On In The Bleak Midwinter by Mary Jo Putney, also featured a young man that returns home injured. Kim refuses to see his childhood love after his return from the war, but will Roxie's insistence to see him and show him how deeply she loves him, will be enough for him to get past his feelings for his injuries and let himself love again?

On Old Flames Dance by Cara Elliott, I deeply loved the fact that the previous story's hero Kim's brother Edward is featured. When his childhood love Lily returns from India, their reuniting is going to be in flames, just like the title suggests!

On A Season For Marriage by Nicola Cornick, another sibling of Kim and Edward's is featured. Caroline had forced Piers into marrying her, a fact that estranged the couple. Will she be able to win her husband back before Christmas?

On Miss Finch and The Angel by Jo Beverley, Clio, Lady Holly's companion that was featured on the Prologue, is the protagonist. Lord Gabriel, a wealthy and handsome nobleman, becomes interested in her but will he be able to win her heart!

On Mistletoe Kisses by Anne Gracie, after Alice's father's cousin inherits her home, she is forced to either become a servant for the new inhabitants or find a job outside the house. She chooses to become a teacher. But, will happiness finally find her while travelling on a carriage with a lord and his sister!

All in all, 4 stars for a cozy 18th century anthology, that gloriously proves Christmas can be a time for happiness and joy, even after hardships.